A Seller’s Marketing Plan

Every home is different, so your marketing plan may differ slightly from what I outline here.  However, the basics will be the same.

Before we start marketing your home, I will do a walk through with you, to point out what I see, and what the buyer’s may see when then come through your home.  Buyers and sellers see things differently.  I state this up front, because I don’t want you to think I’m personally coming after you for something.  I’m not.  It’s about making you aware, so that we can address any issues that might come up.

I highly recommend staging your home and bringing in a professional photographer.  This is an expense that I build into my process.  I have a number of professional independent photographers that I work with, as well as working with a number of services.  My experience is simply this.  Great pictures attract buyers, showings, and offers.  Even the smallest place or a place that is empty can benefit from professional pictures.

Every property I list goes into MLS.  This may seem obvious, but let’s talk about the differences.  When I meet with you about listing your home for sale, not only am I going to ask you a bunch of questions (you’ll be tired of me when you are done) about your home, but also I’ll be asking you a bunch of questions about your home.  The reason for this, is in order to write an appealing description of your home, I need to get inside your head and learn about your home from you.  I can then take that and transform it into a beautifully attractive description of your house.  This will compliment your home’s pictures to attract the perfect buyer.  It’s also important that as much information as possible is included in your listing.  The more information you provide, the better the listing, the more likely it is to sell.

I’ll advertise your home on 60 other major real estate listing sites.  This helps because the more exposure your home gets, the more likely it is to sell.  These sites include:  Zillow, ReColorado, Trulia, Realtor.com, HGTV Front Door, AOL Real Estate, Homesnap, Homefinder.com, Comcast on Demand, CNN Money, RealtyTrac, RedFin, Homes.com, and Yahoo Real Estate.

I may personally visit the Board of Realtors and present your home to the Realtors present at the marketing meetings.  Every week, Realtors from all over Colorado Springs meet to network and present their listings to other Realtors.  This is a great opportunity to bring attention to your home to a large amount of Realtors in a short period of time.

I’ll place a yard sign to attract people in the neighborhood.  I’ve actually sold several houses because potential buyers saw the yard signs and called to inquire and then eventually bought the home.  Never underestimate the power of a yard sign well placed.

I’ll notify my networks of Realtors about your home for sale.  I have three different networks of Realtors.  I have a personal list of over 400 Realtors that I have worked with in the past that I can notify about your home for sale.  I have access to a network of between 2,000 and 4,000 Real Estate Agents and Realtors I work with, that I can notify within a few days, highlighting your home and why they should consider bringing their buyers.

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