When you are looking for someone, the world can be a pretty big place.  That summed up how Tommy Larkin felt.  For his whole life, Tommy Larkin had been looking for his younger brother.

Back in the early 1980’s Tommy and his younger brother were adopted out to different families in Canada and the boys were split up.

Then, in the early 2000’s, Tommy started looking for his younger brother.  He said the primary reason for his search was because there was so much he didn’t know about his family or their history that finding his brother would be a big help.

By 2010, Tommy, now 30, was convinced that he might never find his brother.  That was, until he got a call from an adoption agency that had been helping him search.  They had found his brother!

Of course, Canada was a big place and so Tommy asked if he could meet his brother.  The adoption agency lady told Tommy his brother’s name was Stephen Goosney, and she asked Tommy four or five times, did he know Stephen.

Consistently Tommy answered no, he didn’t know Stephen and didn’t understand why the adoption agency woman was asking if he did.

The lady from the adoption agency then explained that Stephen Goosney was also looking for his lost brother all that time too.  When asked whether she could arrange a meeting, she replied that Tommy just needed to look out his front window and wait for his neighbor across the street to return home.

The next day, Stephen Goosney returned home, and for the first time in thirty years, two brothers met.

Ironically it seems that for the last two years, Stephen and Tommy has been living on the same street and just seven months ago, Stephen has purchased a new home, directly across the street from his long lost brother.

Today the two are said to be inseparable.  After the reunion, the men recalled meeting just a few days before on the street.  No words were exchanged, but Tommy was said to have been admiring Stephen’s snowmobiles.

If you ever needed a reason to meet your neighbors, give me a call.  As your Real Estate Agent, I have no problem knocking on doors to help you meet your neighbors.  After all, you never know whom you might meet.

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