It’s not very often that history remembers you for doing nothing. Everybody has something they should and could be remembered for. In the case of Hanson Gregory, he could have been remembered for several accomplishments, but instead he is remembered for inventing nothing.

Hanson Gregory was born in Clam Cove, Maine in 1828. By 19, he was one of the youngest sea captains in Maine. At 20, Queen Isabella II of Spain honored him, after he rescued the crew of a shipwrecked Spanish vessel.

But the reason history remembers Hanson Gregory isn’t because he was a fearless Sea Captain, which he was. But rather, he’s remembered for something he invented, that in actuality amounted to nothing.

Captain Hanson Gregory’s claim to fame came years before his rescue of a shipwrecked Spanish crew and his meeting with the Queen. Before he was Captain Hanson Gregory, he was a 15 year-old kid who hung out in his mother’s kitchen.

While working in the kitchen, young Hanson would help his mother as she made cake dough. The custom at the time was to cut the dough into strips and fry them. But the problems came when the middles of the cakes didn’t cook as fast as the edges. So eating these cakes meant, you inevitably got a mouth full of hard to digest dough too.

Not wanting to eat the raw dough, Hanson suggested to his mother to try and roll the dough into a circle, rather than strips, to make the batter cook more evenly. But this didn’t solve the problem, until Hanson spotted a tin pepperbox.

It was in that moment, that Hanson Gregory saw something no one else saw, and thus, created nothing that changed the world forever.

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As for Hanson Gregory, in 1947, a hundred years after his ‘invention’ a plaque was put up honoring his accomplishment.

The plaque reads. “In commemoration. This is the birthplace of Captain Hanson Gregory, who first invented the hole in the doughnut in 1847.”

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